wholesale 18k gold
wholesale 18k gold
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To buy wholesale 18k gold, look for a trusted company, which staff is committed to providing the exceptional level of service. Fineness of gold is expressed by karat, which will tell you that the piece is real gold and the percentage of pure gold it contains. Purity of gold is measure from 1 to 24 karat.

The word karat derives from the carob bean, used as a measure of weight in the ancient world. Karat indicates the amount of pure gold in the metal. If the gold content of an alloy is less than 10/24 the object cannot be represented as karat gold. When you hear 18k gold, it means 18/24 karat which is 75% of gold and 25% alloy. More alloy, or lower karat in gold, gold becomes much more strong. Consider wholesale wholesale 18k gold because it is rich in color and durable.

Because of weaknesses, gold is mixed with one or more additional metals to make it strong. Jewelry is commonly 9K to 18K. 14 karat is 14 parts pure gold to 10 parts of other metals. 18k gold contains a higher (75%) percentage of pure gold than 14 k (58.3%). The higher the percentage of pure gold the higher the karat. Pure (100%) gold is too soft, and it is usually mixed with other metals (gold alloys) to make it stronger and more usable for jewelry.

Pure gold, or 24K, has a deeply warm and rich color, but it is extremely soft and easily damaged. The higher the karatage, the richer the color will be and the more costly. Buy online wholesale 18k gold for your family, relatives and friends.
Buying wholesale 18k gold one can have a lot of questions: what kind of markings should on the back of jewelry, what is the difference between yellow, white, and pink gold, why is there a difference in price, in similar pieces of jewelry, how to care gold jewelry and so on.

It is important for every educated person to have a little knowledge about the rules for buying gold jewelry. Information on buying gold jewelry will not make you an expert, but will help to be prevented from possible mistakes. When buying a gold necklace or bracelet, make sure you examine the clasp to see if it is strong enough to support the chain, especially if the piece does not have a hallmark. When there's a hallmark, it means the manufacturer stands behind the accuracy of the karat mark.

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