alexadrite jewelry
alexadrite jewelry
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Alexandrite is a remarkable gem. It was discovered in 1830, on the birthday of Czar Alexander in the Ural Mountains of Russia and got its name in this way. Alexandrite jewelry was highly desired by Russian Royalty and aristocrats.
Since its discovery Alexandrite has rapidly grown in popularity, leading to the near depletion of the original Russian sources. Today the world’s major source of alexandrite is in the state of Minas Gerias, Brazil.

Alexandrite is the phenomenal variety of the mineral chrysobery. It is known for its ability to change color from "emerald by day" to "ruby by night". Like most other gemstones, the quality of color in alexandrite is the all-important factor.

Top quality alexandrite exhibits an attractive metallic bluish green color under daylight and reddish color seen under incandescent-light. The closer the colors are to pure green and red, the higher the alexandrite jewelry value.
The evaluation of Alexandrite should be performed in a dark room under a single light source. Alexandrite can exhibit everything from 100% to just 5% color change. The degree of color change is the first and most important consideration when evaluating the value of Alexandrite jewelry.

Natural Alexandrite is natural is extremely rare and thus is extremely that is if it can even be found to purchase. It is easier to find in small sizes and relatively scarce in sizes of two carats. Alexandrite cats eyes make particularly stunning signet rings and are a powerful display of a unique sense of style. In the cat’s-eye form, fine quality Alexandrite should be semi-transparent with a sharp exhibition of the white eye.

While determining the exact origin of a gem is a matter for professionals. If the gem has good clarity, strong color change, reasonable size it is most likely a synthetic. There are many synthetic alexandrites and look alikes on the market.

While ranked as one of the world’s most desirable and expensive gem types, it must be born in mind that not all alexandrite jewelry pieces are of a comparable quality. For over many years now, alexandrite has commanded the higher positions in the pecking order of gemstone desirability.

To avoid your gemstones and metal jewelry scratching each other, never store your jewelry in piles. Store them in separate sections of a jewelry box or wrap them separately in velvet, paper or silk. The safest method of cleaning most jewelry is to use a mild warm soapy water solution and a soft brush, patting dry with a soft cloth.

Alexandrite jewelry’s healing properties are said to work on the nervous system and some glands like the spleen and the pancreas. Alexandrite has gone on to become the birthstone for June. Find June birthstone jewelry. Alexandrite bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants made especially for people born in June.