beads jewelry
beads jewelry
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Beads jewelry art is one of the oldest arts known to humanity. With the changing times this art too underwent a vast transformation in looks and shapes. Beads are some of the most stunningly attractive and varied items of jewelry.
Although the word 'bead' was originally intended to describe the small, globular bodies that were used for the counting of prayers, today's definition is nowhere near as restrictive. In the 18th century, trade in beads was enormous.

Today the richness of beadwork varies with fashion. Beads have been used throughout the world in countless ways: as talismans in prehistoric and contemporary societies; as status symbols in the ancient world and in modern Africa; as religious artifacts in the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Islamic faiths, and as a standard medium of barter in almost every country.

From the breath taking gold designs of ancient Egypt to the exciting renaissance of bead craftsmanship taking place today, beads jewelry has been one of the most popular forms of personal adornment. Humans create decorative beads for human purposes, while human purposes give rise to beads.

Beads jewelry is always popular and there are endless varieties of beads that are available - gemstones, precious stones, metal, antique, plastic, wood, and crystal. Fancy beads are widely used as hair clips, in making bracelets, anklets, handicraft and artificial jewelry.

Bead is an object with a hole in it that you can put a string or wire through. Natural objects are not beads until somebody puts a string through the hole. Beads, made of a large variety of materials are available in many shapes and sizes.
The most common materials of beads are gemstones, glass, plastic, metal and wood; the shapes can be round, oval, square, nugget or cylindrical. Raw materials are given bead 'body' and 'spirit' and, with a string through the hole, true beads are created. Bead creation involves the conscious mechanical transformation of materials for bead purposes.

Beads have been much more than jewelry. Beads are used in making jewelry of all kinds like necklaces, bracelets, rings, bangles, nose pins, toe rings, pendants, armlets, anklets, ear rings, and designer jewelry.
The beads jewelry come in varying colors, sizes and shapes and suit the requirements of every occasion - marriages, informal gatherings, formal gatherings, parties and festivals. A beaded bead is a bead covered with many beads. The beaded bead are used as jewelry - the beaded bead can be worn alone, on a chain as pendant, can be used in rings, nose pins and ear rings.

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