engagement set jewelry
engagement set jewelry
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Engagement set jewelry is very important, as one must decide what setting style is best for a chosen stone. One will need to know what engagement set jewelry styles there are to choose from and what advantages each has to offer. Engagement ring is a ring with a diamond center stone, with or without side stones, given to a woman by her fiance. Ring enchants the eye with its magical luster.

Engagement ring all throughout history has symbolized the commitment between a man and a woman. Just the thought of a ring is enough to quicken a woman's heart and turn a man's thoughts to romance. They have been worn in memory of loved ones, and worn to praise men and God. There’s no better way to tell your loved ones how sweet they are. For a woman engagement ring jewelry worth a lot.

There are several engagement ring setting types: Prong settings, which is the most common setting type for engagement set jewelry and allows more of the stone to be in view than most other styles; Channel Setting, when the stones are suspended in a channel of vertical walls with nometal separating the stones; Pave Setting, when the stones are fit into tapered holes and set almost level with the surface of the ring and usually protects stones better than a prong setting; Bar Setting, which is a form of channel setting, except the diamonds are set in channels across a ring, and stones on each end of the channel are exposed at the edges of the mounting instead of being secured in metal; Invisible Setting, when stones are placed tightly next to each other with the metal of the setting concealed underneath the diamonds, allowing them to form a continuous surface, Flush Setting, which is a is a popular style for people who use their hands a lot in their professions; it offers good protection for their gem stones; Bezel Setting, which provides good protection for girdle and pavilion areas of a gem stone and can be used to set almost all gemstones without causing damage to them.

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Engagement ring is an important part of the engagement ceremony. Before deciding on a engagement set jewelry design, it is advisable to spend time looking into a variety of settings with gem stones comparable to the stones you are incorporating into your own jewelry items.

A prior knowledge of engagement set jewelry will help you understand and retain what a jeweler tells you. If you want to get good buys on engagement ring and make wise choices, you must become an educated buyer, so you'll need professional assistance when you make your jewelry purchases and decision about the engagement set jewelry type.