wholesale topaz distributor
wholesale topaz distributor
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If you are a business interested in purchasing topaz from a trusted wholesale topaz distributor, it's easy. Simply search the net to buy topaz jewelry direct or ask your favorite retailer for suggestions. There are many wholesale topaz distributor companies out there that offer topaz jewelry to businesses and trade.

Topaz color is very attractive. Topaz is found in colors from blue to red, yellow, orange, pink, peach and gold. Imperial topaz is a fine reddish orange variety that is named for the Portuguese royal family and is only found in Ouro Preto, Brazil. Topaz's golden brown to yellow color is classic.

Topaz is a gemstone that has been used for centuries in jewelry. Topaz is associated with the colors of the sunset and the sea and is considered a symbol of love and affection. It is believed that wearing topaz jewelry will bring friendship and will guarantee the faithfulness of your loved one.

Topaz luster is adamantine to vitreous, cleavage is perfect in one direction, fracture is conchoidal, hardness is 8, specific gravity is approximately 3.4 - 3.5+. Topaz is found at Minas Gerias, Brazil; Pakistan; San Diego Co, California; Ural Mountains, Russia; Mexico and the Thomas Range, Utah. The blue topaz is often confused with aquamarine. It is rarely natural, and is produced by irradiating and then heating clear crystals.

Choose an honest wholesale topaz distributor and make a wise wholesale purchase. Topaz is the birthstone for November. Every woman will be grateful to have a wonderful topaz jewelry piece in this beautiful month. Special gemstones have been linked to dates of birth for centuries.
Many cultures originally assigned a specific stone to each sign of the zodiac, but over time the tradition shifted until it became common for a different gemstone to represent each month of the year. The tradition of birthstones is imbedded in our modern culture and birthstone jewelry is as popular as it ever was, and you can choose from an endless selection of items adorned with these special gems.

Colored gemstones are found in all of the colors that the human eye is capable of seeing, which makes them an essential part of every stylish wardrobe. Think about the basic items that you wear and build from your colored gemstone wardrobe. Focus on the clothing items that you wear most of the time and figure out which colored gemstones will best complement your clothing and hair style.

You can use colored gemstones to complement your own colors including your skin tone, your hair color and the color of your eyes, so draw attention to your blue eyes with blue topaz or enhance your earth toned clothing with topaz color.
The rarity and natural beauty of topaz jewelry has intrigued and inspired us for thousands of years. Virtually every culture throughout history has valued topaz jewelry as objects of personal adornment and as symbols of wealth and status. A wholesale topaz distributor offers price which is very reasonable because you are buying in bulk, however because you are buying in bulk it is important that you get every topaz jewelry item that you paid for, and in the correct condition. A trusted wholesale topaz distributor can help you build a profitable business.