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The primary reason for an antique jewelry wholesale distributor investing in antique jewelry, as opposed to other works of art, is the simple fact that it can still be put to its original purpose -- that being to complement beauty and fashion. Jewelry to be called antique jewelry should be at least 50 years old, and more recent preowned jewelry is generally called estate, taken from the term used for the belongings of a person who has passed away.

Antique jewelry has never been so high in demand. Get online your antique jewelry from a trusted antique jewelry wholesale distributor and you'll benefit. Jewelry is an accessory crafted from precious metals that can be combined with or without jewels or natural materials, but whatever material they are made of, we use to ornament ourselves.

The term jewelry properly refers to mounted precious or semiprecious stones and to objects made of valuable or attractive metals such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, and brass.
An antique jewelry wholesale distributor provides various antique style necklaces, bracelets, anklets; earrings; lockets, pendants, charm bracelets; rings, pinky rings, chains, chatelaines; broaches, pins, lapel pins, torques, etc. Whether put or hung on the body, their function is to show or pretend one's status.

Antique jewelry gains a special quality over the years from being cherished by antique jewelry wholesale distributor, owners and admired by others. Antique jewelry has been worn on the head in the form of crowns, diadems, tiaras, aigrettes, hairpins, hat ornaments, earrings, nose rings, earplugs, and lip rings; on the neck in the form of collars, necklaces, and pendants; on the breast in the form of pectorals, brooches, clasps, and buttons; on the limbs in the form of rings, bracelets, armlets, and anklets; and at the waist in the form of belts and girdles, with pendants such as chatelaines, scent cases, and rosaries.

Your antique jewelry business success is based on your complete satisfaction with the antique jewelry wholesale distributor. Today jewelry became an important part of fashionable costume. It reflects important changes in fashions and technology and turns every day into an evening out. Antique jewelry is your most important fashion accessory, as they're the first thing people notice about you.
Antique jewelry provided by a trusted antique jewelry wholesale distributor can make a huge difference in other people's perception of you. It has as much impact on your appearance as any other wardrobe item.

Now, more people are discovering that antique and estate jewelry is often made better, and priced lower, than new jewelry. Everyone wants to look young and modern, so to find your antique jewelry wholesale distributor visit, which is confident that you will be pleased in its products' quality, workmanship and sensible price.
Some collectors enjoy antique jewelry for its historic or academic value, but most also appreciate jewels from a bygone era that still serves to flatter modern styles and at the same time add that inimitable touch of antique charm.

Antique jewelry will bring years of wearing pleasure with proper care and cleaning, so keep it sparkling. At least once a year, one should professionally clean and inspect the jewelry and also avoid wearing jewelry while in contact with household chemicals. Take off your silver antique jewelry before doing rough manual work or playing sports. Educating people about antique jewelry is an important step to prevent damage jewelry mountings.

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