wholesale titanium distributor
wholesale titanium distributor
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Whenever you need a wholesale titanium distributor, World Wide Web is the place to look for it. Titanium is a very tough metal to work with and it's worth the extra time for the unparalleled comfort feel and look. Titanium jewelry has been worn since ancient times by people of all cultures for personal adornment, as badges of social or official rank, and as emblems of religious, social, or political affiliation.

Titanium is a nonferrous metal alloy, the most common form of titanium is 6AL/4V: 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium, and 90% pure titanium. This is a lightweight metal alloy that offers unsurpassed corrosion resistance of any metal.

Titanium jewelry has been worn by men as well to protect themselves from snakes, ghosts, sorcery, bad luck, the evil eye and probably bill collectors. Titanium is a metal that used for some watch cases and bracelets. Titanium is much stronger and lighter than stainless steel. Most titanium jewelry goes through a process called anodizing, which creates the different colors.

Out of the thousands of wholesale titanium distributor options on the market today, find the best and save your money. Titanium jewelry is more expensive than others, but is certainly worth it for those with nickel allergies. On the web you can find tie chains, wallet chains, necklaces, bracelets, headdresses, pendants and more--in metals ranging from titanium to steel, silver to gold, high quality titanium rings and wedding bands.

Titanium is immune to corrosive attacks by saltwater and marine atmosphere and exhibits exceptional resistance to a broad range of corrosive gases, acids and alkalis. Pure titanium is about as strong as steel yet nearly 50% lighter. Titanium is mainly used to produce titanium dioxide pigment which is non-toxic, inert and imparts a brilliance and opacity. It is widely used in paints, plastics and paper. It is also used to produce titanium metal which has a high strength to weight ratio, is non-reactive and resistant to oxidation.

Titanium jewelry making it has evolved from the time of primitive man fashioning a stone or any other object into a wearable personal statement, to today's jeweler who combines a variety of metals and gemstones into an object of desire. In our days titanium jewelry although produced with the benefits technological advances, still finds its origin in the imagination of the jeweler.

Titanium is 20 times more resistant to corrosion and is hypo-allergenic, due to the fact that it has no nickel. Whether you are selecting a manufactured mounting or choosing to design a chain to accommodate your specific needs craftsmanship is an integral part of the design process. Today wholesale titanium distributor reflects important changes in technology. Buy your titanium jewelry based on popular designs from a trusted wholesale titanium distributor.

Titanium jewelry has been heralded as the most effective metal used in jewelry due to its bio-compatibility. With virtually nickel-free properties, titanium has less incidences of skin allergy than any other metal. It is also more durable and almost indestructible, so don't hesitate to collaborate with a wholesale titanium distributor and to include titanium jewelry in your jewelry business process.