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Silver is a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal. It has been a multifaceted asset throughout history. Silver is used in coins and jewelry, tableware and photography. It was found as a free metal and easily worked into useful shapes and was widely used by early man. Silver jewelry has been worn since ancient times by people of all cultures as emblems of religious, social, or political affiliation. The beauty, weight and lack of corrosion made silver a store of value.

Silver has been known and used for thousands of years and was believed to have magical properties which could promote healing and bring good luck. The belief that silver had an underlying "value" led eventually to its use as the basis for monetary systems and as a means of paying for international trade. To make silver durable for jewelry, however, pure silver is often alloyed with small quantities of copper. Silver is a precious metal and much like gold it is too fine to be made in a 100% form. Silver possesses working qualities similar to gold but enjoys greater reflectivity and can achieve the most brilliant polish of any metal.

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Unlike the other precious metals, silver will tarnish because of a reaction to elements in the air. To maintain the original condition of your silver, polish your pieces regularly using a non-abrasive cleaning cloth. While cleaning your silver jewelry don't soak it in water overnight, as extended immersion can damage the metal. Never immerse your silver jewelry in chlorine, salt water, mineral springs, and suntan lotion. It is recommended to wash silver jewelry in hot, sudsy water, then rinse in clear, hot water.

Silver continues to be a symbol of comfortable living and craftsmen have been working with silver for centuries. The qualities of brightness, color and perhaps the extreme softness of silver were recognized in antiquity and used for the creation of silver jewelry charms often related to religious worship. According to ancient mystic lore, silver can ward off werewolves and other demons, and some claim it enhances psychic powers. Because of its rich qualities silver has been used to make ornamental objects (charms) that would decorate the home as well as the person, hence the coming forth of silver charm jewelry. Today, most of the world's mined silver comes from Mexico, the US, Peru, Canada and Australia.